Children’s Writing

I am currently working on a variety of middle grade projects, including:

Room 113 – Billy Nelson is accidentally placed in his school’s zombie classroom, but Billy Nelson is not a zombie.

How I Became the Prank King – Stan Stermer just wet his pant in the middle of his 7th grade history class. Now the whole school thinks he’s a pants wetting freak. But he’s not a pants wetting freak. That was just a mean prank, and now he’ll do anything to prove it was really apple juice under his chair. Unfortunately, it’s hard to prove you’re not a freak when you have Tourrette Syndrome.

The Titan Twins – Chris and Scott have just been framed for the biggest crime in the history of the galaxy, and if they can’t find the real culprits soon it’s going to get really cold when Titan’s heat shields fail.